Using the Computer to Help Find a Storage Unit

Published on 2017-09-05

Finding a storage unit that meets your criteria can be difficult, especially if you are trying to use a phonebook and call each storage facility to compare cost, locations, features etc. In our day in age you don't have to use a phone book anymore, This article will help you know how the computer and the internet can help you save time and choose a better storage facility.

The first two important features that anybody considers when searching for a storage unit is what will it cost? and where is it located?

Location: The internet and Google has made obtaining information so much easier. Now you can simply jump on the internet, go to google, and go to the Maps page. If your looking for storage units in Nanaimo BC, then simply type in self storage Nanaimo bc and hit search. Since google has created a self storage category for businesses, you can see all the self storage facilities in the area that have are pin pointed, giving you an arial view of next to major highways and roads. This helps a lot because you can narrow your list of where you want to rent a storage unit from in relations to your house, business, route of travel etc.

Price: Now that you have your list of potential storage facilities to rent from, You can easily navigate to the pin pointed areas to see if those storage facilities have any contact information. First look for a website, this is where you will get more important information to help you with your decision. Most storage facilities will list their prices on their website. Some will even give you the option to rent or reserve them online. 

Now that we've taken care of price and location, It's important to brainstorm some other features or amenities that might be important to you. These can include, neighborhoods, fences, lighting, cameras, on site manager, ability to pay online, tenant login to check statements, and get set up on recurring billing. etc. 

For some people the Internet might still be a new thing but when you know how to navigate a search engine it can be a great tool to save you time and money and find the correct fit for you and a storage unit.