Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a collection of the most frequently asked question about Parkway Storage.

1. How safe is my property?

We have security cameras running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Access to the facility is restricted to tenants.   The gate is locked and access is by electronic key.  Every unit is supplied with a professional grade lock.  Each unit can accept up to 4 locks.

2.  Should I worry about bugs or rodents?

Our units are independent steel units with waterproof rubber seals.  Since 2001, we have never had a rodent or bug  problem in any unit.

3.  Are your units climate controlled?

Our units are not climate controlled.  Our units are not heated.  Every unit, however, is well ventilated.   Some units have insulated ceilings.

4.  What can I store?

You can store tools, equipment, furniture, seasonal items like canoes, kayaks and decorations. You can also store trailers, vehicles, personal and business storage items.

5.  What can I NOT store?

You cannot store any kind of explosives, gas, propane tanks, chemicals, food, etc. If you are in doubt about storing something, ask.

6.  How much notice do you need before I can move out?

When moving out, you need to give us written notice 30 days in advance.  This will allow us to notify new customers that the space will be available.

7.  Is there a deposit required?

There is a one time damage and key deposit of $125 (per  unit) that is to be paid at the beginning of the rental. You will receive the deposit back after vacating, providing you left your unit in the same condition that you received it and the lock and keys are returned.

8.  What types of payment are accepted?

Cash, cheque, debit, money order or bank draft, Visa, MasterCard and Amex.

9.  Are my goods insured?

Insurance is available from our partner company, Hendry Swinton McKenzie Insurance.

10.  Do you sell moving supplies and boxes?

Yes, just call and let us know what your needs are.